This is a respectable job a Civil Engineer can have in a Construction Consultancy/ Contracting company. For the successful and timely completion of a Project, the role of Planning Engineer is very significant.  Job profile and deliverable may change depending on whose part (such as Contractor, client, consultant) he is working for. There are many software available now a days to assist the Planning Engineer. Primavera (used in Middle East), MS Project and some latest ERP software are helpful tools of a Planning Engineer.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Planning Engineer in general will be as follows :

  • Assists in analysing schedule activities pertinent to the assigned design, engineering and construction of projects.
  • Integrates inter-discipline schedule requirements and constraints to establish logical work sequences for assigned disciplines or specialities.
  • Works with the performing organisations and units to coordinate work sequences with the total project plan.
  • Establishes and implements methods for determining activity duration within assigned disciplines or specialities.
  • Assists in invoice verification for payment based on cost-loaded schedules, as required.
  • Reviews schedule data and identifies and acquires information needed to complete work logic to interface between assigned disciplines, specialities and/or projects.
  • Assists in developing specific project codes of accounts and work breakdown structures, and recommends appropriate modifications and revisions for new work items assigned.
  • Supports/performs integration of scope, cost and schedule within the WBS and ensure mapping is accurate on an on-going basis.
  • Determines critical-path activities for assigned discipline or specialities and identifies significant activities supporting inter discipline requirements and identifies critical path for discipline or speciality work activities.
  • Analyses, evaluates, and forecasts current status against an established baseline schedule.
  • Monitors schedule deviations for assigned disciplines or specialities including subcontractor submittal and recommends corrective action/work-around solutions for project considerations.
  • Assesses the impact(s) of design or construction changes and schedule slippages.
  • Develops and writes the schedule commentary that appears in the monthly progress and similar reports. Identifies and reports activities that have a critical or potential impact on the schedule and prepares and presents the Critical Items Action Report.
  • Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.

Course highlights

  • Course Duration is 3 months .
  • Suitable for working Engineers who opt Planning Engineers profession as their dream career
  • Admission criteria shall be fulfilled based on interview
  • A Project Report & Portfolio shall be submitted based on real time work practice.
  • Students will get a Diploma from and an experience certificate from the builder/ training company. From end of the training period, stipend will be given to students, if the company wants his/her continued service.
  • Job assistance shall be provided for all students who successfully complete the courses. Job assured for excellent performers.

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