Billing Engineer is responsible for the RA Bill preparation, collection of various claims from the Vendors. Checking the quantity as well as quality of the work based on the BoQ.  Normally, in the Industry you will never learn the Billing work techniques and secrets from your seniors in your career.

The bill quantities are to be checked carefully and the final payment is certificate shall be issued to Accounts Department for issuing the payment. Arithmetic & technical checking of all bills i.e. Civil, Carpentry, Aluminium Windows,Finishing, Interior bills, Infrastructure, Plumbing, Firefighting, Electrical work, consultants, & material Invoices etc.

We will give hands on  training on the  basis of procedure which has been followed in leading corporate. The documentation part will also briefed to the students to become very efficient and successful Billing Engineer.

Course Features

  • Course Duration is 3 months
  • Suitable for working Engineers who opt Billing Engineers profession as their dream Career
  • Admission criteria shall be fulfilled based on interview
  • A Project Report & Portfolio shall be submitted based on real time work practice.
  • Students will get a Diploma from and an experience certificate from the builder/ training company. From end of the training period, stipend will be given to students, if the company wants his/her continued service.
  • Job assistance shall be provided for all students who successfully complete the courses. Job assured for excellent performers.

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