Enterprise Social Responsibility (ESR)

We are committed to the Society

We are committed to give back to the Society ! We do our small contribution in the form of technical education and skill development. We have a plan to educate those who are economically weaker and have good academic credentials. EngineersGuild (Engineers Foundation for the empowerment of Engineering Community) will finance them to complete the Courses in CivilTalents.


  • Click the below given Link to communicate to the CivilTalents Team giving the minimum details of the student who need skill development training after the B. Tech / Diploma in Civil Engineering.
  • CivilTalents team will collect more details and refer the details to EngineersGuild Foundation for their approval and financial support.
  • EngineersGuild Foundation will evaluate the application and recommend the eligible students to undergo 100% free classes.  However an amount of Rs. 10000/- shall be paid by the student at the time of admission to meet the cost of Course materials and other internship/ site training expenses during the Course.
  • Course materials, On Site training programs and certification etc of these students are same as that of others who study in the mainstream.
  • The students shall be financially backward and academically well performing to get admitted to the skill development training and CTDCM Course under this scheme.
  • Only serious applications will be considered.
  • The students will get a benefit of placement assistance also from us.

You can click the link here and submit the details online. Our staff will contact you for further details and verification. Kindly mention ‘Enterprise Social Responsibility’ anywhere in the Subject.

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