Kerala Municipal Building Rules (KMBR)

Now a days no one can construct a building as per his/ her wishes. It is controlled by your Local administration ie. Panchayath, Municipality of Corporation of the place where your property is situated. Also every State has their own restrictions for the constructions based on a set of Laws approved by the Law makers. These set of Laws are called Building Rules.

In 1970, National Building Code (NBC-1970) has been released by the Indian Standards Institution (ISI) for the first time. This has become the basis of the Building Rules in every State. NBC is not implemented by law. But the Building Rules are enforced by law. NBC has been revised in 1983 and later on 2005.

Kerala Building Rules was implemented in the state in the year 1968. The Laws were applicable to Municipalities and Corporations, which are urban in nature. The availability of Land for spacious construction was a challenge in Urban areas. Since the laws were implemented successfully, the chance of making faulty of unscientific constructions was much reduced and so these rules help all of us to lead a peaceful life.

The old KBR-1968 has been revised based on the NBC 1983 and was implemented in Kerala in 1984. (KBR-1984). (we don’t have a copy)
This was later revised in 1999 (KMBR-1999). Down load Kerala Municiapal Building Rules 1999.
In 2010, this was revised by a GO (G.O [MS] No. 128/2010/LSGD Dated: 21.06.2010).
It was once again amended in 2013 (G.O [MS] No. 46/2013/LSGD Dated: 01.02.2013).
Finally in 2019, revised and new KMBR-2019 has been released. Download the copy of Kerala Municipal Building Rules-2019.

Online plan submission facility has been introduced in Kerala Long back through a Web portal called SANKETHAM.

What we do to educate the new generation?
At CivilTalents.Com, we conduct Seminars, Workshops and Classes on KMBR to your Engineers and new licencees to become more familiar with the subject. Also we give practical exposure with hands on experience. We give support to our students later if they feel any kind of complications or confusion in the subject.

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