The journey of Project Management Career starts with Civil Supervisor’s job. When you are a junior, you will be posted in a specific duty of a complicated job in a work site. The day to day activities will be monitored using a supervisor and he is responsible for the duties assigned to him.

Ideal condition is that the supervisor should have enough practical knowledge to guide the workers at site. He should be capable of demonstrate the works to the workers if needed. But it is not happening at site. Freshers will be posted as Supervisors since it is the starting point of the career as mentioned earlier. So they use this as a chance to learn the work from the workers. Thus they may not be able to learn the right practical things from the site. Tricky workers may provide unhealthy information and this may not be helpful. His seniors may not have enough time to give him proper guidance to correct him at the right time. So the learning process becomes incomplete here.

We aim to change this situation. Proper knowledge shall be imparted to freshers with proper technical support and helpful informations to learn the right things for the first time. We guide them throughout the site exposure period with proper guidance. They shall be made capable of monitoring and demonstrating works on the basis of good engineering practices.

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