Practical exposure and skill development

Final year students are found little bit confused to choose their way forward. Also they are much worried about the lack of campus recruitments. higher studies or jobs?  Jobs where? In private companies or in Government? Or we should start something of my own? A lot of confusions rule them.

We at Civil Talents.Com, help them to get rid of this confusion. Our Course Co-ordinator will assist you in selecting your path. You can depend us for knowing the good and bad of each career you choose with respect to your inborn talents.

We assess you during the study period you are with us and will suggest the suitable Career for you. Whether it is public sector job or private sector job or self employment, we will suggest you  best.

More than a course, it is an eye opener for serious Civil Engineering aspirants. Three months of course with us give you the following benefits.

  • Helps to choose your Career
  • Familiarize various Industry opportunities
  • Introduce you to the latest construction practices in India and abroad.
  • Practical clarification to the learned theories with site exposure.
  • Practical training arranged to feel the site realities

Course Features

  • 3 months durable course anytime during the last two semesters.
  • 5 hours class per week.

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