For Corporate / Company Staffs

We have tailor made Quality Improvement Program(QIP) for Employees from Corporates, Consulting Firms and Construction Companies. Your firm may be big or small, but your staffs are your real assets. Your employees may not be able to update their knowledge and awareness on latest trends and practices due to busy schedule of daily works. We have training modules from 2 day rapid course to 2 weeks crash courses. The subjects shall be chosen by the employer.

Special training (one to one) is available for non Civil Engineering Executives who owns or take the responsibility of Construction Business. 1 week training program available in the capacity of CEO, MD or Partners. It is fair to get a better and clear understanding of Civil Engineering Vocabulary for a smooth management of things. (It will really ease the work of your subordinates and you can take decision quickly and avoid losses)

MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing) training will be given to Civil Engineers/Architects. (2 weeks duration).  Civil Engineers or Architects feel difficulty to manage the normal construction works now a days since 35% of the works are MEP related. Due to this they will avoid MEP related and declare they are incapable to do it. So you should know some basics of  Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, little more than what you have learnt in your S1 & S2.

We are giving training to your software needs especially Design, Drafting, Modelling, Rendering and Planning software category (AutoCAD, 3DStudio, VRay, Revit, Sketchup, MSP, Primavera, STAAD, ETABS etc). Tekla (BIM) training will be given to interested candidates (1 month crash course)

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