Setting out a building is the process of transferring architectural proposals from drawings into the ground. It establishes the location points for site boundaries, foundations, columns, centre-lines of walls and other necessary structural parts. Also, it establishes the building’s correct extent, angle and level. Follow the Steps Below in Setting Out a Building:

Following steps should be considered for the setting out of a building

  • Levelling the site and remove the waste materials from the site
  • Check the Architectural plan before you start setting out your Building. The Architectural Plan will give you an insight into how your orientation of building will look like and study the set back as per building rule. And also, we have to check the exciting present features.
  • Before setting out we have a clear image of the type of foundation. If it is a Rubble, we should know that foundation, basement, Wall Width etc. The Structural Plan will assist you in determining the Width of your Foundation, Depth of Foundation and the exact Point to put each of the foundations etc.
  • Mark the Compound wall as in the name of Gridline.
  • Check the drawing and get approval from the Senior Engineer.
  • Set the baseline from that 90 degrees then the next line set.
  • Set the perpendicular, then from that offset then next line set.
  • setting out thread tied at the same level.
  • After setting out check the dimension of the room and its diagonals.
  • The peg marking used at the site during setting out shall not be removed when cutting/excavating the trench.


The 3 4 5- method is an accurate method use in Getting the Exact Square of a Plan instead of Using the Engineering Square which may not be accurate for a Longer Span. The 3 4 5- method is an application of the Pythagoras Theorem. i.e Forming right Angle. Most times, 2 or 3 people are involved in this.

3 meters is Measure from the Parallel Line created, then 4 Meter Away from the First point forming a Right Angle, you use your Measuring tape to Confirm the distance between the 3m point noted at the parallel line and the 4m noted at the other line is 5m. Note that your Parallel line remains The same, you only shift the other line to form the right Angle.

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