Non Destructive Tests (NDT)

Non Destructive Tests (NDT) are very significant now a days since the destruction of the testing member or testing material is not happening in it. The testing is done without doing any damage to the structure. So this can be done even the structure is live. It is used to get the approximate values or reference values of the same and it can be co-related to the relevant factor we are interested to know.

These tests were initilly and widely used in Petroleum Industry, since the destructive tests not allowed every where considering the high inflammable nature of Petroleum or natural gases. This tests were slowly used in construction industry also after the casting of the concrete or doing the erection of the structure.

The following are the list of NDTs available across the world.

  • Rebound Hammer Test for RC Columns, Beams, Slabs, Shear Walls etc.
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test for RC Columns, Beams, Slabs, Shear Walls etc.
  • Half Cell Potential Test to assess the levels of corrosion in reinforcing steel in the structure.
  • Cover meter Test for mapping the rebar locations and approximate diameters post construction.
  • Concrete Core Extraction and Testing for assessing the compressive strength of cast – in – situ concrete.
  • Slab Load Deflection Test to assess the load bearing capacity and structural integrity of the slab.
  • Carbonation Test on concrete to assess the level of carbonation encountered.
  • Chemical Analysis of Concrete to assess the severity of chloride sulphate attack and the cement content in concrete.
  • Dye Penetration Test for checking faults in welded section.
  • Radiography Test for assessing the condition of welded section.
  • Pile Integrity Test for assessing the quality of cast – in – situ or driven pile at site

Our students had a practical exposure session in the first week of January 2020. The details of the images are given in the library. They have witnessed the Rebound Hammer and UPVT and the images are available here.

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