Factors considered during or before the concreting process

Concreting is the most important role in Construction Projects. In the construction industry, concrete is most commonly used as the foundation for most structures. It is also used in superstructure construction through the use of structural concrete, slab construction, stair construction, and architectural features. These are just a few ways that concrete is implemented in the construction.

The major factor should be considered when placing the concrete on-site form the batching plant/Mixing plant.some of the main important factors mentioned below:-

  • Quality of raw materials
  • Water / Cement Ratio
  • Coarse / fine aggregate ratio
  • Aggregate / Cement Ratio
  • Age of concrete
  • Compaction of concrete
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity etc..

After the concrete has been mixed, transported and placed, it contains entrapped air in the form or voids. The object of compaction is to get rid of as much as possible for this unwanted entrapped air; down to less than 1% is usually the aim. concrete is placed, the concrete increases in strength very quickly for a period of 3-7 days. Concrete which is moist cured for 7 days is about 50% stronger than uncured concrete.

Compact the concrete by Vibrator to force out the air bubbles trapped inside.
  • Check all dimensions (eg: reinforcement length, breadth, stirrup spacing, ties distance etc).
  • Proper compaction will be provided during concreting.
  • Check mix proportion
  • Curing of concreting.
  • Check the water/cement ratio.
  • Quality of raw materials  

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